Go Green With Powder Coating

Go Green With Powder Coating

The state and quality of the air we breathe is a huge concern for everyone, and especially so if you live in a state like Utah where the air pollution is incredibly bad. There are many initiatives to improve the quality of the air we breathe, since this is the only planet we get to live on. People are driving less, switching to electric cars instead, and planting more trees. All of these things are great, and we wanted to share with you how Full Blown Coatings is contributing to going green with the rest of you.

US Clean Air Act


In 1970, the US Clean Air Act was signed into law. As a nation, there have been initiatives to be more sustainable and allow less pollutants into the air. But there is always more that we can be doing to improve the quality of our air and the state we live in.


Say no to hazardous air pollutants


When you choose to use powder coating, you’re furthering this green initiative. Powder coating uses no solvents, and it eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which results in cleaner air. The powder coating process is now recognized universally as the best available technology for reduce air pollution.


Why powder coating is better than paint


When you apply a coat of paint onto the surface of your walls, it will continue to release chemicals into the environment as invisible paint pollution. When these VOCs react with oxygen, they can turn into “bad” ozone when in the presence of sunlight. This contributes to the greenhouse effect, which is what we’re all attempting to avoid. This doesn’t just include paint meant to be used within the interior of your home. These VOCs are included in any type of paint you may be using, whether it’s for the exterior of your home, your car, or just acrylic paints. Even the paint that is used on the bottom of boats to deter mussels and other organisms from sticking has been labeled one of the most toxic things to happen to marine life.


Powder Coating is the best option for the environment


We’ve seen over the course of history that powder coating is the most eco friendly option. Whether you’re looking to add a fresh look to your trailer, or you’re redoing your kitchen, powder coating is the way to go.