New Year Home Decor Trends

New Year Home Decor Trends

Every year, we get excited to see what trends are out, and which ones we are welcoming in in their stead. Over the last decades, trends have changed drastically, but here in the powder coating world, we’ve loved adapting to continue on with these trends and bring you beautiful but durable products for your home. Here are a few new year home decor trends to keep an eye out for. Which are your favorites?

Blush is the new white


Over the last two or so years, you’ve probably noticed that blush has become a predominant color in many of our homes and wardrobes. The good news, is that blush fits in with almost any color pallet. It will absolutely fit in your home. And the better news? Blush is a neutral. That’s right, you heard it here. Blush goes with almost everything, and we can’t wait to see how you incorporate it into your home.


Floral print is definitely in


Wallpaper, throw pillows, and printed vases can all be improved by an adornment of floral print. No matter where the floral print is going in your home, and on what surface, it belongs there. Fresh flowers, understated floral prints, bold floral prints, and more.


Give us all of the green


2019 is the year of the plants. We want to see all of that green. Get a fiddle leaf fig for your front room. Succulents for your coffee table. An herb garden box in your kitchen. Hanging planters. Living walls. You can incorporate fresh plants in countless ways, and we want all of them. Having living plants inside your home have so many benefits. They improve the air quality, quality of life(this has been proven, I promise it’s real!), and they make your home more beautiful and inviting.


Dark colors are officially out


Homes should be bright and light, not dark and moody, this year. This doesn’t mean you can’t have anything dark, but it does mean that you should use your dark accents carefully. They should be just that, accents.