DIY Powder Coated Accent Tables

DIY Powder Coated Accent Tables

The time of year when it’s not exactly winter anymore, but it’s also not warm enough to spend copious amounts of time outside, is a hard time of year. This is the time of year where we often get an itch for home improvement projects, but most home improvement projects aren’t really attainable in February. You can, however, work on a few DIY projects indoors. One of our favorite powder coated DIY projects, is a powder coated DIY accent table!

Wire Basket


There are different levels of DIY projects. Ones where you don’t have to do very much assembly, you simply combine other items together to create something new. And ones where you completely create something brand new, from scratch. For people who want an easy DIY with a chic look, we love a Wire Basket DIY Accent table! Find a wire laundry basket with a design you love(not mesh), and get it powder coated to the color and texture that you like! Head to your local home improvement store, and get a round wood piece to put atop the table. You should be able to find a precut piece in a finish you love in the precut lumber section of your local home improvement store. Pick up a few fasteners, and use them to attach the flat bottom of the basket to the wooden round.


Treeslab table with hairpin legs


The first thing you’ll need, is a tree slab. Simply put, this is a slice of a log. You can find these at the precut section at your local lumber store for relatively inexpensive. You can also order them online. You can find hairpin legs at a local hardware store, or online. Select a color you like. Getting these hairpin legs powder coated will keep the color stay true, as well as be more durable and will last longer. Once you’ve picked out your table legs, you just need a few screws and a drill!


Sheet metal tables


If you’re looking for something that will take a little bit more time and effort to truly make it your own, go pick up a few aluminum sheet metal. You’ll also need wood rounds for the top of your tables, powder coating for the exterior of your sheet metal, heavy duty glue, and metal clippers.

Cut the sheet metal to your desired height, and use embroidery thread to form the metal into cylinders. Use the heavy duty glue to adhere the sheet metal to the wooden round, and let dry.