Powder Coating and Your Car

Powder Coating and Your Car

Powder Coating may not be what comes into your mind when you think about your car, but maybe it should be. Your car is an extension of you and your personality, and powder coating can really help that personality and life shine through. Powder coating the body of a car isn’t usually recommended, because it’s more expensive than regular paint, and because powder coating is slightly thicker than paint. This makes fitting the pieces all together a little bit more difficult. Just because you can’t use powder coating on the entire body of your car, though, doesn’t mean that you can’t use powder coating to customize your ride.

Powder Coated rims

This is a great way to add personality and color to your car, without committing to completely changing the color of your car. You can come in and get your rims powder coated in any color you want, whether they’re chrome, alloy, or aluminum. Some color combos we’re loving for this powder coating trend are:

Add some rose gold colored wheels to your white car. White cars have the tendency to blend in, as it’s a popular vehicle color choice. By adding this pop of classic color, you’ll show sophistication and be noticed.

Black is the new black, so why not add black matte wheels to your shiny black car? Your car will stand out because of how chic and professional your car will look.

Red is another really great color for your rims. You could do a sunset orange-red, or even make it even more vibrant to an almost hot pink. No matter what shade of red, you’re going to be making a statement with red wheels.

Restorations and car part

Powder coating is perfect for car repairs and restorations. When you have car parts that are old and look rusty and dirty, powder coating is the perfect solution. Especially if you show your car, you want every single piece and part of that car to be perfect and look new. By powder coating your car parts as you replace and repair them, you’re not only giving them a sleek and professional finish, you’re also increasing the longevity of that piece. Powder coating is so much more durable than the alternative, spray paint.