Awesome DIY Christmas Lawn Decorations

DIY decorAre you one of those people who love to show off to the whole neighborhood when Christmas comes around? Well, here are some great ideas for brand-new Christmas decoration projects that will be hardy enough to take the outdoor winter weather.

Tin Luminaries

Did you know that you can upcycle tin food cans into beautiful lamps that can line your sidewalk and entryway? This is an excellent project to do as a family, since you can all contribute your own specialized design. Just clean out old food cans and strip off any extra packaging on them, and then punch holes in a pattern. You’ll probably have the most control using a metal hole punch, but you can also simply use a hammer and nails to get the job done. Put a votive candle in each lantern for a warm, magical effect. To make your lanterns look immediately polished and professional, consider getting them powder-coated!


Do you have an ancient, old-fashioned sleigh around? Turn that eyesore into a beautiful and unique decoration by slapping on a new coating of dramatic and classic Christmas-red. Depending on the old sleigh that you find (either in a thrift store or in your own garage) you might consider stripping the wood, replacing it, or giving it a simple stain for a vintage look.

Phrase Standups

Make a beautiful statement on your lawn with large letters spelling out “Joy,” “I Believe,” “He is Born.” Backlighting or front-lighting will create a dramatic effect and bring everyone’s attention to a primary focal point in your yard.

Hanging Christmas Chimes

Make yourself a hanging Holiday mobile by taking a few iconic items and hanging them by fish wire from an embroidery frame. It’s easy to find old holiday items that need just a new coat of paint or the like to make them festive and bright again. Consider old tree decorations, some festive jingle bells, or some home-made star cut-outs made from disposable baking pans.

Powder Coat for Weather-Proof Beauty

Remember as you’re making your homemade holiday decor that winter’s hard on anything that’s left outdoors. Decorations usually aren’t built to deal with bright sunlit days, dry wind, and alternately freezing and thawing ice. You also often have to worry about the rock salt that’s used to melt pathways in your yard, and what that will do to corrode materials.

Powder coating stands up to winter weather, and endures heat so well that it’s commonly used to coat microwave’s interiors, car parts and industrial equipment. So, if you have anything that needs to be rigged with lights and get hot, or anything that will be out in the sun all day and the freeze all night, consider getting it powder coated! It’s more affordable than you probably think, and it will last for years and years to come.