Weatherproof Your Yard Accessories

Rooster decorationThere are a million things that we love about Utah; the mountains, the beautiful fall colors, the open spaces and the friendly people. However, it’s no secret that Utah is pretty hard on a coat of paint.

Cars, roads, and houses all feel the stress of Utah’s dramatic weather changes. 100-degree summer days bake and warp metal and wood, causing the film of paint to buckle and crack. Colors bleach out under the harsh treatment, and pretty soon your new deck railing is an eyesore. UV rays are harsher than ever up in this high elevation. Then along comes winter. Not only do the cold, the ice, and the snow strip coats of paint and finish, but the salt that we use to melt snow on walkways and porches can cause damage.

It’s undeniable that anything left out of doors will need to be well-taken-care-of in order to stand up to the ravages of weather. That’s why it’s worthwhile to invest in weather-resistant paint and finish options. Of course, if you’re really smart, you’ll look into powder coating to get an actually weather-proof option to coat your outdoor items.

About Powder Coating

Powder coating is an amazing weather-proofing option for a few reasons. First of all, it’s resilient against the expansion and contraction of materials in the heat, since it doesn’t have a film coat. Instead, powder coating is created with millions of tiny electrostatically charged particles, distributed evenly and then cured in an oven. Because of this unique process, powder coating doesn’t crack or chip like paint does.

Consider Powder Coating For:

  • Patio furniture: You’ve carefully invested in the right seating for your deck and yard, in order to make a homey, relaxed feel in the outdoors. However, chipped paint is uncomfortable and can cause injury. Powder coatings allow you to refinish your furniture with a variety of weather-proof colors and textures.
  • Railings and fences: A railing finishes up the look on your deck or porch. However, rust and moisture can ruin the aesthetic.
  • Mailboxes: A mailbox can make a fun statement about who you are as a homeowner. Give your front yard some character with a fun new look, but make sure it lasts with powder coatings.
  • Sports equipment: Poles used to hold up nets, baskets, or court delineations can get damaged with time. Keep your basketball court, tennis court, or pool area looking its best with powder coatings.
  • Decorations: Fountains, bird feeders, and stand-ups all serve to add character and charm to your yard. Add exciting dashes of color that will stay true for years and years to come.

Our facility is equipped with an industrial-sized oven. However, we also have a ton of experience with small items. Whatever your project, we can make your dream a reality with professional work and advice, along with our high-quality materials in a wide range of options. Give us a call today!