9 Things to Powder Coat Today

Powder Coated FlamingosWhat can you powder coat?

There are so many things that you can powder coat, the better question is “What can you not powder coat?”  While the most common thing to powder coat is metal, you can powder coat nearly anything that is electrically conductive and can withstand the powder coating process.   Below are 9 things that you can powder coat, but there are many more options! If you have an idea for a custom project, feel free to contact us.

Car Rims

When you think powder coating, you probably think about those custom car rims you see zipping by.  Powder coating your rims gives your car a sleek, unique finish, but can also add durability to your wheels.  

Outdoor Furniture

If you have patio furniture such as a table and chairs or a porch swing, adding powder coating to the frame can help make it more durable.  Powder coating helps protect from UV rays, rust, and more.  

Lawn Decorations

Powder coating your lawn decor can not only make it look better, but help it last longer as well.  Bring in your flamingos, bird baths, small animals, Halloween tombstones, and more.  


If you have a railing that gets a lot of wear (whether it is inside or outside), bring it in for a durable yet sleek finish.  Powder coating will not crack or peel, and will last much longer than a traditional spray paint.  


If you have an industrial trailer that you take out on site, or a family trailer that you take camping, bring it in to get it powder coated to protect it from the elements.  If you’re up roughing it in the mountains or carrying heavy loads, powder coating will give you a durable yet custom finish.  


Bring in your mountain bike for a unique powder coating finish.  Whether you race or just ride for fun, you can protect your bike and make it look sleek at the same time by getting the frame powder coated.  


If you have a unique color scheme or pattern for your mailbox, bring it in and we will make your dream a reality!


There are many parts of a gun that can be powder coated, so if you are a gun enthusiast, bring yours in for a custom look.  

Bed Frame

We can powder coat your bed frame to make it unique and fun.  If you have bunk beds in your kid’s room or a futon for guests, we will powder coat it to make your frame pop.