powder coated rimDo you have old metal car parts, bike parts, furniture, appliances, or keepsakes that are looking worse for wear? Here are some of the many ways that powder coating can bring new life to you old things.

Get rid of rust.

Did you know that with a combination of sandblasting and powder coating, you can take a rusty wheel, bike frame, or tackle box and make it look brand new? Sandblasting, which you can read more about here, is a preparatory process to powder coating. It removes oils, dirt, paint, old finishes, rust, and corrosion from a metal surface so that the powder coating can adhere as cleanly to the metal surface as possible. It also slightly etches the metal surface, making for a stronger powder coating application. Once you’ve cleaned your metal surface of any contaminants with sandblasting, including rust, you can give your metal surface a fresh powder coated finish in virtually any color you desire.

Restore shine.

Maybe your metal wheels, furniture, or bike parts haven’t accumulated rust but are looking a bit duller than you’d like. You can use sandblasting to remove contaminants from any metal surface and then have the metal powder coated with a special metal-look finish, restoring to your metal the shine it once had.

Add durability.

One bonus to having your old things powder coated is that you’ll be giving them a strength, durability, and long-lasting look that they did not have initially. Powder coating is truly the best possible option for metal finishing on the market today because of the incredibly strong, protective finish it can provide.

Create a new look.

You need not use powder coating only to restore metal pieces to their former beauty; you can also use powder coating to give your metal things an entirely new look. Choosing powder coating grants you the widest possible variety of color and texture options, which means that you can powder coat your car parts, bike parts, furniture, appliances, and more in virtually any color you desire. So if you’ve always dreamed of giving your car or home accents a truly custom look, powder coating is the finish for you.