Powder Coating – protection in wet weather

wrought iron railingWith our location in Salt Lake City, Utah, we may be accustomed to particularly dry weather, especially during the summer season. But that doesn’t mean that wet weather isn’t a concern here, either. Salt Lake City and the surrounding region can see a significant amount of wet weather throughout the year—especially during the winter season when snow can accumulate. Fortunately when it comes to your outdoor furniture, equipment, recreational vehicles, and architectural details, powder coating can lend your things a durable and long lasting finish that withstands all kinds of rain and snow. Here is a brief look at why powder coating holds up so well against wet weather and moisture.

Chemically bonded finish

Powder coating is entirely different from paint in that it creates a chemically bonded finish on metal objects. While paint is applied to the surface of an object and dries on top of that surface, the powder used for powder coating melts and flows around an object at a very high temperature, resulting in a tight network-like finish. This means that the powder coat can withstand exposure to water, moisture, and even heavy snow for extended periods of time without seeing any signs of wear.

Rust and corrosion resistance

Due to the nature of a powder coated finish, powder coated objects are rust and corrosion resistant. Rust and corrosion are not concerns with powder coating simply because water and moisture cannot penetrate a powder coated finish in the same way it can a paint finish.

Chip resistance

Rain, snow, and high humidity can all work away at a paint finish over time, causing it to chip. Because powder coating is baked onto a surface during the curing process, it does not chip in the same way that paint does.

Protection against rain, snow, moisture, and more

In short, the unique nature of powder coating leaves you with a finish that will resist the damaging effects of rain, snow, moisture, and more. Powder coating will truly give you a protective finish that withstands harsh weather conditions year round, even in the wettest of climates.

If you’re in the Salt Lake area and need something powder coated, don’t hesitate to contact us!