Weatherproofing with powder coating

dry climateIf you’ve done any research on powder coating, then you know that powder coating offers many benefits for indoor and outdoor metal objects and building materials. One of the main benefits of powder coating is that you can use it to weatherproof metal objects and building materials that will spend extended periods of time outdoors.

Protection in dry climates

Most people associate weatherproofing with rainy weather, but weatherproofing is beneficial in truly any climate, including dry climates. We’re located near Salt Lake City, Utah, for example, and about 90 minutes from western Wyoming. Both regions see a great deal of snow and ice during the winter—two things that can be incredibly rough on paint. Salt Lake, Wyoming, and nearby Wendover, Nevada can all have incredibly harsh summers as well, with high temperatures and very dry air.

Powder coating can offer a myriad of weatherproofing benefits, even for dry climates:

Sunlight protection

With powder coating, you can create a unique finish that is resilient to high levels of ultraviolet (UV) exposure. This means that sunlight will not cause color fading, nor will it cause the finish to warp, crack, or flake.

High heat tolerance

Powder coating also has an exceptionally high heat tolerance, meaning it won’t warp or crack when exposed to high temperatures and high levels of sunlight. A traditional powder coated finish, in fact, can withstand temperatures of 400°F or more. Cerakote coating, meanwhile, has been rated safe up to a 900°F base metal temperature and 2,000°F exhaust gas temperature.

Protection against dirt and grit

Outdoor metal equipment, when used in dry climates, is exposed to a great deal of dirt, grime, and grit. Truck grill guards and ranching equipment, for example, frequently collect dirt and grime, which can slowly chip away at a professional paint finish. With powder coating, you can enjoy a professional looking finish for years, even with this kind of everyday wear and tear.