Durability, Beauty, and Versatility

Powder coated railings with stone steps backgroundFences and railings must be both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. This is why we guarantee that powder coating is your best option for durable, long-lasting fence and railing finish. Fences and railings receive heavy traffic on a daily basis, and require a thick, stable coating in order to retain aesthetic quality. A powder coat is 4 to 10 times thicker than traditional liquid spray paint, and will give your fence or railing extra protection against any potential coating decay from frequent use.

Each type of powder coating we offer has its own properties, which create different options for the process. This is a great advantage for fences and railings, as it gives us the opportunity to adjust the materials and process to meet your needs. Because the powder is evenly distributed through electrostatic spray gun application, all separate slats and pieces of a fence or railing will be evenly coated. The type of liquid solvent running and coagulation associated with fences and railings is also eliminated, giving you a smooth, even finish.

The Full Blown Treatment

Powder coated industrial fenceAs we do with all of our other parts, we can properly package each piece of fence or railing to ensure that they are undamaged upon delivery upon request. We use foam rolls and plastic wrap, which are placed between each part and layer, and then loaded on pallets for easy and fast transport. At Full Blown Coatings, no job is too big and no job is too small. From large-scale industrial operations to individual consumers, we can coat any size job of fencing or railings that you may need. Give us a call today for more information or request a quote below.