5 Ways to Revamp Your Patio for Summer

patioNow that June is here, you’re probably making plans to spend more time outdoors—especially out on that back patio. Here are five simple things you can do now to make sure your backyard patio is ready for relaxing and entertaining.

Wash the deck.

Clearing your patio surface of any debris left over from past seasons is the first step toward revamping your patio for summer. Start by sweeping or taking a leaf blower to your patio, and then use a hose or pressure washer to target problem areas. Pressure washing, of course, is reserved only for those patio surfaces that can withstand the pressure—such as concrete or vinyl deck material.

Powder coat your furniture.

Got weather-ridden metal patio furniture on your back patio? Have it sandblasted and powder coated! Sandblasting will remove rust, chipping paint, and more from weather-ridden metal furniture, while powder coating will give it a fresh, weatherproof finish that will last it through the summer and for years to come. With powder coating, you have your pick of just about any color and finish you can think of, meaning you can replicate the original look of your furniture or go for something entirely new.

Install a weatherproof speaker system.

This one will be a larger endeavor, but it will be well worth the effort if you love to entertain on your back patio. Consider investing in a basic weatherproof speaker system and installing it around your back patio. That way, you can always create just the ambiance you want with music, and you can keep the party going even when guests step outdoors. Tip: Make sure your speaker system has Wi-fi capability so that you can control the music even from your smartphone.

Bring in some new plant life.

How are those potted plants from last summer doing? If your patio is lacking in the plant department, go out and get some seasonal potted plants to dress up your back patio. It will go a long way in reviving your patio space. Just be sure to invest in plants that can stand up to warmer temperatures and high doses of sunlight.

String some lights.

For a final touch, try stringing some outdoor lights over your back patio. This is easy if your patio has an awning. If it doesn’t, consider installing a pergola or special poles surrounding your patio for hanging your lights.