Powder Coating Applications in Architecture

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Metal scaffolding on the side of a building.In the past decade, industries around the world have found ways to use powder coatings to their benefit. Of these industries, one of the largest, recently, has been that of architecture. To put it lightly, powder coating is very much attached to the future of architecture, and soon we will see it being used in the construction of all post-modern buildings. Architects and contractors have found many reasons to use powder coating… Continued

Sports That Benefit from Powder Coating

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In modern day life, there are countess applications for powder coating finishes. Sometimes, it has indeed become so common in everyday life that we may forget, or not even notice, when it is being done around us. One such place that powder coating has been found to be in is the world of sports. Here are just some of the sports that benefit from powder coating finishes.


The elements can be quite tough in the world of skiing. The very basis of the sport is that it takes place high up in snow covered mountains. Because of the evolution to metal ski rails, spindles and frames, ski manufacturers have utilized the benefits of powder coating finishes. Powder coatings can make aluminum ski parts resistant to the water corrosion that they would otherwise suffer from, making sure your ski gear can last a long time.


There are many great aesthetic qualities of baseball, but an aluminum baseball bat has never been one of them. The manufactured metal texture has never been very appealing, and will dent and warp over time, making the bat hardly usable. Lately, many baseball players have begun to use powder coating on their baseball bats. They do this not just because it looks better, but because it can protect the bat from the wear and tear of continued use, making them last longer. The powder coating also doesn’t effect the force of hitting a ball.


There are many parts that go into making a finely tuned racecar. And in order to function to the best of its potential, each one of those parts need to be in the best condition that they can. For this reason, nearly every racecar you see is utilizing a powder coated finish in different ways. Putting your chassis in a powder coat will make the frame of your vehicle stronger, and can protect the car over continued use. The powder coating is also incredibly resistant to heat, making it a very useful component in protecting parts in the engine, which could be susceptible to extreme temperatures.


There are many parts on boats, nowadays, that need to be made up of metal to be truly efficient. However, it can cause a lot of problems on the open sea when every inch of your boat will probably be tested by the water at some point. Whether you are a sailor or out racing a motorboat, getting a powder coat finish will protect those metal parts of your boat from rust and water damage, even if you are in a body of salt water, which is known to be more destructive. The powder coating also fits in great with the boating aesthetic, and can make a vessel look mighty fine!

Powder Coating for Your Furniture

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white patio furnitureIf you’re looking to change up the look of your home’s interior but don’t want to invest in new furniture, now might be the time to consider powder coating for your furniture. With the wide variety of color options available and the durability that powder coating provides, you can give your furniture new life and enjoy it for many more years to come. Here is a quick look at some of the most common furniture pieces that people choose to powder coat. Continued

Common Uses for Cerakote Finish

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custom engineCerakote is a ceramic based finish that can be applied to a variety of materials including metals, plastics, polymers, and wood. It has been specially engineered to provide many of the same benefits that powder coating does and then some. It is known for its extreme durability and high performance, holding up incredibly well against impact, abrasion, corrosion, and chemical penetration. Cerakote also exhibits extremely high levels of heat stability, with some types withstanding temperatures upwards of 900 degrees Fahrenheit without failing. It has a very smooth and clean appearance, comes in a wide range of colors, and will maintain its true color for years to come. It also happens to be very easy to clean. Continued

All About Media Blasting

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sandblasting away rustMedia blasting plays a central role in preparing a surface for the powder coating process, by both cleaning the surface and applying texture. Here is a brief overview of media blasting, how it differs from sandblasting, and how it factors into the powder coating process. Continued

All About Sandblasting

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sandblastingWondering how sandblasting might be a benefit for your metal items before they undergo the powder coating process? Here is a brief overview of sandblasting, how it works, and how it factors into the powder coating process. Continued

Powder Coating for Your Car

colored rimsA powder coating job is inherently a custom job every single time, and never is the attention to detail involved in a custom job more important than when applying powder coating to parts of a car. Your car is an investment, and any updates in the form of powder coating must be done professionally and with precision. If you’re wondering how powder coating might be applied to your car, here are three common ways that people customize their cars with power coating. Continued

Powder Coating for a Brighter Summer

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bright lawn chairsSummer is a time when many are drawn to brighter colors and more colorful home decorations and furnishings. And with a wide range of colors and finishes that powder coating offers, powder coating is the perfect way to add some color to the things in and around your home. Here are some common household items that make for great candidates for powder coating—and that will see frequent use during the summer. Continued

Getting Our Powder Coated Hands All Over Utah

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Powder Coating USA

10924723_10205735208444995_8702271699291585350_nFull Blown Coatings is excited about sponsoring Canguro. Their Baja Toyota is seen across the country in several events and races. This is a great example of adding color for increasing attention, and protecting your wheels. Full Blown Coatings powder coated the rims and bead-locks, and it turned out great! We are excited to be a part of this project!

New Powder Coated Scooter for Christmas!

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Being able to powder coat almost anything, is so much fun! I had bought a very used scooter for $1 at a garage sale, and had planned to give it to my son for Christmas. It was still in good shape, as far as the function, but it was old and worn looking. My boy LOVES red, and I figured since I have a husband that powder coats, why not make the scooter like new! It turned out perfect, and my four year old was ecstatic about the red. Powder Coated Scooter SLC

So here I have a like new scooter, that I paid $1 for, and my son is loving it, mostly cuz it’s red! Way to customize, even for a 4 year old!

Everyone’s happy:)



Powder Coated Trailers in Utah

Powder Coated trailer UtahPowder Coated trailerTrailers are used for a number of things, and can really take a beating. Towing increases the risk that a rock or other debris will compromise the painted finish and invite or accelerate corrosion.  In northern Utah climates, this could be exacerbated by the presence of snow melting chemicals used in early and late seasons…or, if the trailer is stored outside, the presence of rain on any exposed surface can also accelerate corrosion.

By using a zinc primer as a base coat, and a powder coat (color of your choice) as the top coat, this supports that the metal will have the added protection it needs to withstand all this drastic Utah weather.

Full Blown Coatings understands that because trailer frames vary greatly in size and configuration, proper curing requires large ovens and extreme sources of heat. Required curing temperatures must be obtained with each trailer, so the powder will melt and adhere to the surface. Most powder must be cured for 10 minutes at 400 degrees F.

Full Blown Coatings, neighboring Sandy Utah, has a 23 foot oven, which makes large parts our specialty!


Protecting Your Powder Coated Part

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Properly packaged powdercoatingPowder Coat Part PackingHere at Full Blown Coatings, we value our work. Upon request, each part is properly packaged to ensure each finished part is delivered undamaged. We use foam rolls, and plastic wrap, which are placed between each part and layer, and then loaded on pallets for easy and fast transport. We have a forklift that we can load pallets quickly and efficiently.Properly Covered Powder Coated Parts

A Beautifully Restored Singer Sewing Machine

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Powder coated restored Sewing Machine
Well, you don’t see that everyday!….A Singer Sewing machine. Powder Coating is a perfect example of restoring very old items and parts back to their original state, or better. The original coat on this Singer sewing machine was most likely painted, which over time, needed a newer, fresher look. With technology constantly improving, we now can restore it with a beautiful, durable, powder coat finish.

Bring your part or project down to us at Full Blown Coatings, and let us restore your part for you.

Brighten Up Your Life! / Color with Powder Coat

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Colorful Powder Coated Patio Chairs Full Blown Coatings is all about powder coating Utah one part at a time, and adding color, passion, and life to whatever you can imagine. The endless color possiblities of Powder Coating to spice up you life, your car, or your yard!!!
Seeing the end project is so rewarding for us, and each part and project gives us more creative ideas. We love to share each of these on our website, in hopes that it will continue to inspire all of Utah with each unique project.

Personalize Your Electronic Vapestick!!!

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Custom Powder Coated E-cig

E-cig/ Vape sticks powder coated customizedPowder Coating is a great way to turn a piece of metal into a feminine, cute accessory, or a tough, unique, conversation piece.

With all the thousands of people that are now turning to Electronic Cigarette/ Vapor Stick/ Ecigs, there are hundreds of vapesticks floating around, and if I know you, you are customizing and fine-tuning it specifically to your likings, which isn’t always easy……

Here at Full Blown Coatings in Utah, we are able to add detail to your powder coated piece, which gives you another option to personalize your ecig.  We can do solid (glossy, satin, or flat), candy (transparent color), texture, glitter, wrinkle, vein, and metallic finishes.

Veins that are covered with a candy top coat, create a chemical reation, separating the vein powder from the top coat, causing a two tone effect. The finished look is streaks of alternate colors that appear throughout the part, which adds a professional look and added dimension to the part. Antique or vein are textured metallic finishes that add visual dimensional layers to objects that otherwise show no character. They also hide uneven surfaces and are easy to maintain.

Glitter finishes contain sparkling metallic flakes suspended in a clear coat. They can be applied over any base-coat color, providing a high range of effects by just changing the base-coat color. This provides multiple-color sparkles to add delight and cheerfulness to any color.