A Look at Different Powder Coating Types

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Powder coating isn’t a cut and dry science; rather, it is a complex realm involving many different types of resins, crosslinkers, flow aids, pigments, and more. Here is a look at the many different types of powder coat that are out there.

There are two major types of powder coating: thermoplastic and thermoset. Here is a look at each, along with the different types you’ll find under each category. Continued

Make Powder Coating a Part of Spring Home Renovations

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outdoor lamp postSpring is one of the best times to renovate your home, and your home renovations at this time of the year need not be quite as expensive as you might think. When you choose to repurpose rather than replace, you can enjoy significant savings, all the while giving your home a completely new and updated look. Powder coating in particular is a great way to give older pieces in your home new life so that you can avoid unnecessarily replacing them—and continue to enjoy them for years to come. Here are some of the many ways that you can involve powder coating in your home renovations this spring. Continued

How to Make Old Things New With Powder Coating

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Gift BoxPowder coating is an incredible process that can restore old parts and products to look like new.  Powder coating has been around for over 50 years, and has been used commercially as well as privately to make new things last longer and add life to parts that would otherwise have to be retired.   Powder coating makes parts more weather resistant as well as waterproof, protecting the part from the elements.  Read below how powder coating can save you from having to buy brand new parts. Continued

Powder Coating Sports Equipment

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Female GolferA few months back, we posted about a few sports that benefit from powder coating (in case you missed the post, here it is). Due to powder coating’s strong and water resistant finish, it is a great option to protect and personalize your sports equipment.  Below are a few examples of sports equipment that can easily be powder coated.   Continued

Why Is Metal Best for Powder Coating?

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colored powder coatEver wondered why powder coating is most frequently used on metal, while on other materials powder coating is used with more caution? Here is a look at why metal and powder coating work so well together. You’ll also learn about how advancing technology is making powder coating other materials possible. Continued

Powder Coating Myths

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Mystic BookEvery industry is surrounded with strange myths, and powder coating also has their fair share of stories.  Powder coating is a free-flowing dry powder that is applied to different surfaces.  The object that you are coating is charged with a negative electric charge, and the powder is shot at the object through a gun that gives the particles a positive charge.  The object is then cured in an oven, creating strong chemical bonds that seal the coating.  While the process seems easy enough, many do not understand it, so they create myths.  Read on for the most common myths surrounding powder coating. Continued

Powder Coating in Art

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A metal sculpture over touristsPart of the progression of the art world is dependent on the development of new mediums, which can further the possibilities of what artists are able to conceive and accomplish. Every year, there are new and exciting ways to do art that come to light. Recently, many artists have utilized powder coating in a variety of ways, but most particularly in the world of 3D art. While many of the ways to use powder coating in art may not have been discovered, yet, here are some of the reasons why artists are using it right now… Continued

How Powder Coating Works

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Powder coating processWhile there is a growing popularity of powder coatings in the world today, there is a significantly lack of knowledge about what powder coatings even are or how they work. Powder coating is an interesting scientific process that came about from the scientific progress of the 20th century. Since most people don’t know a lot about it, we’d like to clear some things up and educate people on the process of powder coating… Continued

Powder Coating in Home Improvement

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Red mailbox with green wood, vintage styleWhen it comes to improving your home, you want to be using the absolute best materials that will ensure a great living space for a long time. For this reason, there are plenty of different ways to use powder coating in your home improvement endeavors. In any situation where you are looking to use metal, powder coating offers you the ability to create a unique and polished look that puts paint to shame. Here are some of the places you might want to look at applying with a powder coat… Continued

Dry Ice-Blasting

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dry ice with vapour on blue backgroundThere are various methods of media blasting, from media sand to crushed walnut shells. One of the most unique and specialized forms, though, is dry ice-blasting. While sandblasting may be one of the most effective ways to clean and smoothen rough surfaces, it can be damaging to certain surfaces and materials. On top of that, the dust left behind from sandblasting can be harmful to the lungs, and leaves behind quite a mess to clean up. Dry ice-blasting, though, is a way around many of these issues. Indeed, it is the only currently existing form of non-abrasive blasting. Here’s a little information on the uniqueness of dry ice-blasting… Continued

Powder Coating Applications in Architecture

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Metal scaffolding on the side of a building.In the past decade, industries around the world have found ways to use powder coatings to their benefit. Of these industries, one of the largest, recently, has been that of architecture. To put it lightly, powder coating is very much attached to the future of architecture, and soon we will see it being used in the construction of all post-modern buildings. Architects and contractors have found many reasons to use powder coating… Continued

Sports That Benefit from Powder Coating

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In modern day life, there are countess applications for powder coating finishes. Sometimes, it has indeed become so common in everyday life that we may forget, or not even notice, when it is being done around us. One such place that powder coating has been found to be in is the world of sports. Here are just some of the sports that benefit from powder coating finishes.


The elements can be quite tough in the world of skiing. The very basis of the sport is that it takes place high up in snow covered mountains. Because of the evolution to metal ski rails, spindles and frames, ski manufacturers have utilized the benefits of powder coating finishes. Powder coatings can make aluminum ski parts resistant to the water corrosion that they would otherwise suffer from, making sure your ski gear can last a long time.


There are many great aesthetic qualities of baseball, but an aluminum baseball bat has never been one of them. The manufactured metal texture has never been very appealing, and will dent and warp over time, making the bat hardly usable. Lately, many baseball players have begun to use powder coating on their baseball bats. They do this not just because it looks better, but because it can protect the bat from the wear and tear of continued use, making them last longer. The powder coating also doesn’t effect the force of hitting a ball.


There are many parts that go into making a finely tuned racecar. And in order to function to the best of its potential, each one of those parts need to be in the best condition that they can. For this reason, nearly every racecar you see is utilizing a powder coated finish in different ways. Putting your chassis in a powder coat will make the frame of your vehicle stronger, and can protect the car over continued use. The powder coating is also incredibly resistant to heat, making it a very useful component in protecting parts in the engine, which could be susceptible to extreme temperatures.


There are many parts on boats, nowadays, that need to be made up of metal to be truly efficient. However, it can cause a lot of problems on the open sea when every inch of your boat will probably be tested by the water at some point. Whether you are a sailor or out racing a motorboat, getting a powder coat finish will protect those metal parts of your boat from rust and water damage, even if you are in a body of salt water, which is known to be more destructive. The powder coating also fits in great with the boating aesthetic, and can make a vessel look mighty fine!