Protect Your Pet with Powder Coatings

Naughty puppyMost of us don’t think twice about the harmful chemicals that can threaten our pets’ health and safety until their fur starts falling out.

The most common toxin that pet owners experience as a danger is paint, finish, and other decorative coats that we put on items that surround our animals. Household toxins are a concern for everyone, but they can be especially dangerous for your pets. The added problem is this: unlike humans (well, adult humans, anyway), animals have a tendency to chew on, or lick, any surface available. You may find your cat gnawing on Christmas tree lights, or your dog chewing the fence. Birds tend to bite their cage bars and rodents are infamous for their munching tendencies. Continued

A Fresh Coat of Powder for Your ATV

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Couple outdoors on an ATVSummer’s here again, which means that most of us are feeling the call of the great outdoors pulsing through our veins. It’s the perfect time to go exploring, hunting, fishing, and hiking. Do you have an ATV that helps you get out into the deep woods and open spaces?

ATVs can be used for fun or function. But in either case, for many people their ATV is their baby. It’s the most fun toy you own, and the perfect tool for any adventure. But we have a question for you: does your vehicle stand out? Does it look like YOU?

Maybe it’s time to think about a fresh coat of powder. Continued

How to Make Your Patio Furniture Last Longer

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Cozy Patio Furniture on Luxury Outdoor PatioHaving beautiful patio furniture in your yard can make the summer months more enjoyable.  It’s quite fun to lounge back after a long day watching your kids play in the yard, or host an outdoor barbecue and actually have somewhere for your guests to sit.  While outdoor furniture is sturdy and built to last, it does wear down over time.  In order to combat that, here are few tips and tricks to help your patio furniture last as long as possible.   Continued

9 Things to Powder Coat Today

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Powder Coated FlamingosWhat can you powder coat?

There are so many things that you can powder coat, the better question is “What can you not powder coat?”  While the most common thing to powder coat is metal, you can powder coat nearly anything that is electrically conductive and can withstand the powder coating process.   Below are 9 things that you can powder coat, but there are many more options! If you have an idea for a custom project, feel free to contact us. Continued

A Look at Different Powder Coating Types

Photo background of colored powder

Powder coating isn’t a cut and dry science; rather, it is a complex realm involving many different types of resins, crosslinkers, flow aids, pigments, and more. Here is a look at the many different types of powder coat that are out there.

There are two major types of powder coating: thermoplastic and thermoset. Here is a look at each, along with the different types you’ll find under each category. Continued

Make Powder Coating a Part of Spring Home Renovations

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outdoor lamp postSpring is one of the best times to renovate your home, and your home renovations at this time of the year need not be quite as expensive as you might think. When you choose to repurpose rather than replace, you can enjoy significant savings, all the while giving your home a completely new and updated look. Powder coating in particular is a great way to give older pieces in your home new life so that you can avoid unnecessarily replacing them—and continue to enjoy them for years to come. Here are some of the many ways that you can involve powder coating in your home renovations this spring. Continued

How to Make Old Things New With Powder Coating

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Gift BoxPowder coating is an incredible process that can restore old parts and products to look like new.  Powder coating has been around for over 50 years, and has been used commercially as well as privately to make new things last longer and add life to parts that would otherwise have to be retired.   Powder coating makes parts more weather resistant as well as waterproof, protecting the part from the elements.  Read below how powder coating can save you from having to buy brand new parts. Continued

Powder Coating Sports Equipment

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Female GolferA few months back, we posted about a few sports that benefit from powder coating (in case you missed the post, here it is). Due to powder coating’s strong and water resistant finish, it is a great option to protect and personalize your sports equipment.  Below are a few examples of sports equipment that can easily be powder coated.   Continued

Why Is Metal Best for Powder Coating?

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colored powder coatEver wondered why powder coating is most frequently used on metal, while on other materials powder coating is used with more caution? Here is a look at why metal and powder coating work so well together. You’ll also learn about how advancing technology is making powder coating other materials possible. Continued