History of Powder Coating 101

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Powder Coating Originated in GermanyMore often than you might think, we encounter a customer at Full Blown Coatings who comes across powder coated wheels for the first time and asks “Did these just come out?” You can imagine the surprise on his face when we tell him that powder coating has been around for a long time–over 60 years in fact. Continued

Why Should I Use Powder Coating?

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powder-coated-semi-gloss-infinity-wheelsPowder coating metallic objects is becoming an increasingly popular choice among motorists. While many people are still new to this method of treating your car’s wheels, for example, powder coating has been around for a while and it certainly shouldn’t be classified as a fad.

So why should you consider using powder coating for your car? Here are a few key reasons: Continued

Refinished Patio Furniture/Looks Brand New!!!

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We had a lady from Northern Utah call us about her patio furniture. She had acquired several different pieces of outdoor furniture. They were random in colors & styles, and didn’t match; but she loved the unique design of each piece of furniture, and wanted to turn them into something more.
She was very particular about the color, because she was color matching against the trim on her house. With over 65,000 colors and textures to choose from, we at Full Blown Coatings, were able to color match our Tundra Green with her house trim exactly. She was thrilled that she could keep each piece of patio furniture, that not only match each other, but now match her house perfectly.
Full Blown Coatings sand blasted, powder coated, & transformed her sun-faded, worn-out, furniture, into a beautiful, complimentary patio set.

                                                                                   (AFTER PICTURE)

Refinished Patio Furniture
Refinished Patio Furniture


The Powder Coating Revolution

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Powder Coating RevolutionThe Powder Coating Revolution is in full swing right now not just at Full Blown Coatings but throughout North America. The positive reactions to powder coated auto wheels and other powder coated treated parts increase daily at a rapid pace.

We did some research on powder coating and this process presently represents over 15% of the total industrial finishing market, according to the Powder Coating Institute (PCI).


Unique Possibilities of Powder Coating

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A customer of ours takes his jeep rock crawling in Moab, and wanted a unique custom roll cage,… something different that isn’t seen very often, that would also match his jeep. He special ordered an unassembled roll cage, and did all his own welding.
Full Blown Coatings was able to complete the finishing touch,.. powder coating it Black Frost with a Lollipop Red top coat. The Frost is a vein, which separates into a black & silver when it’s baked. The Lollipop Red is laid over it, turning a silver-red and leaving the black showing through. This custom roll cage was left with a TOUGH textured look and a high gloss finish.

Custom Powder Coated Auto Wheels

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It’s a great time of year to go for a drive and explore all the tremendous scenery that Utah has to offer. The weather this spring has been fantastic for the most part making the journey to see Utah’s lakes, streams, canyons, parks, and mountains well worth your time.

If you’re thinking about getting out on the road and heading to one of your favorite spots soon, ask yourself first is your car ready? Have you been keeping your ride maintained — regular oil changes, tires inflated properly, etc? You know what I’m talking about. You understand that your car is an extension of you and rightly or wrongly others judge you by your car. So before you take that drive with your buddies, your significant other, or your kids, make sure that your car is ready for the trip.

Now I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Do you want to know how to affordably add something new to your ride that will give it a mega-dose of “wow” factor? Well, the secret is simply purchasing some custom powder coated auto wheels for your car! Continued

Powder Coating: The Environment-Friendly Finish

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powder-coated-rim-blueTaking care of our environment is a huge concern of Utahns from one end of the state to the other. Utah has a vast assortment of natural resources — majestic mountains, beautiful lakes and rivers, and countless miles of national parks with some of the greatest scenery on the earth. People from all walks of life in our state go to great lengths every day to maintain this wealth of natural beauty. Continued

Three-Tone Powdered Coated Wheels

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A friend of Full Blown Coatings wanted his wheels done to match his car. He decided to do a three-tone….., Ink Black wheels with Toretto Red insets, covered with Clear Vision top coat for extra protection and extreme shine. They were beautiful!!!
A set of wheels like this can take up to 8-12 hours, and entails a great amount of detail. Each coat gets its own masking & prep, powder, and bake cycle. For this particular set of wheels, we charged $500.
Later we had a customer who wanted his rims done as well, and he happened to have a very similar color of car. We were able to show him these rims as an example of what Full Blown Coatings can do. He was in love, but wanted to switch the colors to create his own look. He chose a three-tone…, Toretto Red rims with Ink Black insets, covered with Starlight Clear coat, which gave it more metallic flake. Another happy customer, another great day at Full Blown Coatings!!!

“The Barbarian” Powder Coating Personalized

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One of our customers called us last Monday about a small bike that he had. He wanted to give it to his son for his 5 year old birthday, which was Friday. The bike was used, worn out, but mostly of all, it was RED. His son’s favorite color was BLUE, and he’s nickname was, “The Barbarian”.
So, with a little help from Full Blown Coatings, “The Barbarian” got a personalized, new BLUE bike, for his 5th birthday, that was created special, just for him! powder-coated-barbarian-blue-bike